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Led tube Led module

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Led tube

led tube t8

led lighting tube t10

LED Tube-T51200-12W

led tube t5 6w

light tube T8-600-9W

Led module

4p led module

3p led dispaly module

3p led bar

1p led light module

Led rope light

NF-80R led rope light

lED rope QL-C100

led light rope QL-2D

Led light strip

led light strip 12V-WF

led strip light F30

led light strips 12V-DF

Led light bulb

E14 LED Bulbs


JDR-LED light Bulb
-  ................. More bulbs

Led auto ight

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We are pleased to introduce you our product--- Led module (led light module, led display module) , Led tube (Led light tube), Led bulb (Led light bulb). It has been broadly accepted that our products are the most cost-effective solution compare to other led module led light bulb and led light tube products.

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Led tube Led light tube

led  tube

led tubes led light tubes

LED light tube t8

LED tube light diameter: 3cm, length: 120cm.

T8 Socket LED tube light output: 1350 LM

Download specification here Led tube T8

LED Tube -T5-6W  

Energy saving up to 60%+. high intensity

Good Design for heat dissipation, 5-year life span

Special different view angles mixing lighting design

Led light tube T5-24W-24V

The LED tube power consumption: 4.5 watts Length: 50 cm.

T5 LED tube lights is 24pcs super bright Tri-chip White SMD LEDs per 0.5M Tube.

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Led module Led lighting module Led display module

SAMSUNG led module

3 led module 1 led module


The waterproof led module adopts the high-quality hermetic
Ultrasonic melting and uses waterproof material inside.

Download specification here 4p module specification

3 LED Light Module

There are four modles, white color

Download specification here 3 leds module specification

1p LED Display Module

It selects the high quality piranha-shape LED chip as the luminophor.

Download specification here 1p module specification

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Led bulb Led light bulb

led light bulb led bulb led bulb light

E14-C3W-W:Power LED Bulbs

Full range of colors: cool white, warm white, red, blue, green and yellow Input voltage: 120V/240V AC

JDR-C3W-W:Power LED Bulb

Luminous flux: 130 lumens(color temperature:7000K) Light source: USA Cree 3W high power LED (XLAMP XR-E Rank P4)

JDR-1W3-W:Power LED light Bulb

Energy-saving and environment-friendly Brightness degradation: 3% - 5%1kh

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